Pricing usually includes delivery, tax extra. You can always pick up your items from our kitchen, if you wish. This is just a small listing of what we can make for you, please call to inquire about any items not listed and we will create them especially for you. We are proud supporters of the community with our “Bake it Forward” program and generously support non-profits in our community.

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Cake and Pie Oh My!

Birthday, Wedding, Baby or Bridal Shower, Smash Cakes, & Special Occasion Cakes. Pies & Cheesecake made to order.

Cake Pricing

  • 8in. decorated cakes $25 and up
  • 10in. decorated cakes $30 and up
  • Sheet Cakes $35 and up
  • 10in. cheesecake with one topping or add-in $30

Pie Pricing

  • Pies cost $18 and up
  • Pecan, Apple, Pumpkin, Berry, etc.

Cake Pops, Cake Truffles and Cup Cakes

The possibilities are endless, one dozen minimum for delivery.

  • Cupcakes start at $1.50 each, depends upon fillings and decoration requested .
  • Cake Pops and Cake Truffles start at $1.50 each, depends upon decoration and display method requested.

Cookies, Brownies and Chocolates

  • Dozen cookies $6 dozen minimum order of 3 dozen for delivery
  • Brownies $1.50 each with one mix in, minimum order of a dozen for delivery
  • Chocolates Please call for pricing and options

Fruit Tarts

  • $30 each
  • Ask about our Mini Fruit Tarts or including in a gift basket.


TGIHM lunches include a sandwich, salad or wrap, fruit or chips, a fresh-baked item & drink.

  • $9 each for 4 or less.
  • $8 each for 12 or more.

Specialty Cookies and Gift Baskets

Price varies depending on design and packaging, please call 757-692-5744